Is health a currency?

Today’s little piece of wisdom was inspired by three things. The first is the movie In Time, that’s main premise is that being employed means that you get more life to live past 25. If you haven’t watched it yet, I suggest that you rent it.

The second point of inspiration is something that one of my graduate professors had said during one of my classes in my first MPH semester:

Most people don’t get sick…that’s the reality.

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March is National ________ Month

When I first began writing this blog, I thought it would be a great idea to write a monthly post on national “insert disease here” month. And while that was all fine and dandy in the planning stages, upon doing some research, I quickly found that there is no such thing as a National “insert only ONE disease here” Month. Believe it or not, the month of March has a total of 6 ailments/key issues of the month, and 10 of the week/day:

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CMS backs patients in MU Stage 2 requirements

If you weren’t fortunate enough to attend this year’s HIMSS12 conference (don’t worry…I wasn’t either), you may have missed some important announcements about new requirements and new time lines for Stage 2 Meaningful Use. Published in a proposal on the Federal Register website (you can access it here), these new requirements seem to begin involving the patient as a key contributor to the health care process. Some quick facts of Stage 2:

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The Millennial Patient

I’m an “eighties baby” and, as such, I’m a millennial. I’m the internet child….born with a cell phone in one hand, an iPad in another, and a laptop in my lap. I no longer subscribe to letters because email is instant, and I don’t carry cash because its “safer” to use a debit card. In the age of hyperspeed, however, I still carry around an insurance card that grants me access to see a doctor, manually request my appointment notes, individually call to get lab results and patiently wait while a nurse fills out my patient history section of the chart.

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