Visualizing CoveredCA Enrollments

CoveredCA previously released enrollment numbers in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) health insurance exchanges here. According to their reports, almost 1.4 million (1,395,929) Californians enrolled in insurance plans sold on the exchange through April 15th, 2014, with Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego County taking the top 3 spots in total number of enrollments (see table below). CoveredCA beat their projections of enrolling at least 400,000 – 700,000 individuals (according to a Sept 2013 document) by triple digit percents, already reaching levels forecast for 2015-2016.

The data becomes more interesting when looking at proportion of enrollments by county population (rather than proportion of the total enrolled). Taking some of the smaller counties out of the equation, like Alpine, Nevada and Mono, we have counties like Santa Cruz (5.6%), Mendocino (5.2%), and Marin (5.1%) taking top spots in the proportion of total enrollments by their 2013 ACS Total Population Estimate. Looking at a choropleth map distributing enrollment proportions across county geographies (see below), coastline counties generally tend to have higher enrollment proportions when compared to the more inland/eastward counties.

Health Plan Information

When looking at the distribution of enrollments by health plan, Blue Shield & Blue Cross have the two highest proportions of enrollments, at 30.5% and 27.3% respectively, followed by Health Net and Kaiser Permanente (see below). With a total enrollment figure of 1,395,929, CoveredCA could have potentially facilitated the transaction of anywhere between $141 and  $339 million per month (using rate data on youth from nerdwallet).

Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, a total of 400,889 Angelinos signed up for coverage through CoveredCA, with a vast majority choosing Silver coverage plans (almost 65% of enrollees), making up about 2.6% of the entire Los Angeles County population.

As of the most current data released by CoveredCA (last checked on 5.15.14), about 3.6% of California’s population is enrolled in a health plan through CoveredCA. I’m sure everyone is still waiting to determine how many of these 3.6% were previously uninsured. However, given that the rate of uninsured in California is about 19%, we still have a long and difficult road ahead toward ensuring coverage for every single Californian.

Data on ACA/Obamacare enrollments were obtained form Covered California. To obtain county population proportions, total number of enrollments by county were divided by the county’s 2013 population estimates respectively (using the PEPANNRES table available at American FactFinder). To obtain total enrollments by coverage type for Los Angeles, regions 15 and 16 were summed, re-calculating proportions. 


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