Using Google Maps APIv3 and Google Spreadsheets – Part II

In the last post, we focused on getting things into place so that we can start the process of collecting and displaying information in Google Maps. Here, we set up a Google Spreadsheet and Google Form to do the following:

  1. Collect Location data from our users (this will include address information & other tid-bits that we can feed to map users later – like a quote, a review, information about the location etc).
  2. Geocode addresses using Google’s API to obtain LatLng pairs that Google Maps plots on the embedded map.
  3. Set up spreadsheet formulas to perpetuate within the form, as well as a cell that feeds information into the infowindow.

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Using Google Maps APIv3 and Google Spreadsheets – Part I

This post focuses on the resources you will need to get started. We’re not digging in deep on database creation and location mapping just yet. We’re putting all the pieces into place for a successful implementation. It’s worth mentioning again that this tutorial is not for the code-fanatics or industry-experts. It’s meant for the novice hacker that plays with code until it works. I’m by no means a developer…just a tech nerd :).  Continue reading…

Using Google Maps APIv3 and Google Spreadsheets

Over the past few days, I’ve had the opportunity to learn some cool things that one can do with the Google Maps API v3. While working on a newly acquired project, I was faced with a unique (or maybe not so unique) situation demanding the need for a solution that allows users to submit location data, which is then automatically plotted on an embedded Google Map. This situation was unique in the sense that it needed to be purely based on Google features (for simplicity and user friendliness). Continue reading…