My Dreamforce ’12 Agenda


11:00 AM – Leveraging Salesforce to Add Agility, Flexibility and Mobility to Your Business

12:30 PM – Hands-on Training: Introduction to Apex for Non-Developers (2.5hr)

3:30 PM – Leverage StandardSetController in Apex and Visualforce

4:00 PM – Increasing Web2Lead Form Submissions with the API

5:00 PM – Application Integration Lessons Learned: Customers Share Their Stories



9:00 AM – Touch the Social Enterprise – Marc Benioff and Friends

12:00 PM – Healthcare & Life Sciences Kickoff: The Social Future of Patient Care

1:30 PM – Enhancing the User Experience with jQuery

3:00 PM – How to Use Salesforce Service Cloud to Transform Your Internal Shared Helpdesk

4:30 PM – How Salesforce Uses the Service Cloud



9:00 AM – Top 10 Tips on How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Small Business

10:30 AM – Dashboards Drive By: Top Companies Show How They are Transforming Their Business

12:00 PM – Optimizing the Lead-to-Close Process

1:30 PM – Code Talk #2 – Visualforce

3:00 PM – Analysts Panel: The Future of Customer Service

4:00 PM – The 5-Minute Support Dashboard

5:00 PM – Keynote: Leadership – Taking Charge



8:30 AM – Dashboards For Smarties: Creating Highly Effective Dashboards

10:00 AM – Administering the Service Cloud: Moving to Service Cloud 2.0

11:30 AM – Online Marketing for Bootstrappers

1:00 PM – How to Support Your Customers for Commercial Success

2:00 PM – Q&A with Marc Benioff and Parker Harris

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  1. Hey Bogdan —
    I see you’re planning to attend “Top 10 Tips on How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Small Business”

    Appreciate you joining us and look forward to sharing with you soon!


    • Bogdan

      Thanks! Looking forward to being there and just taking it all in!

  2. Ileana

    I’m curious how you will like Apex – they are our competitors.

    • Bogdan

      I’ve done some work with Apex before, just at a design level (not logic level). I’ll let you know ๐Ÿ™‚

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