Health Information Exchange: The Long Road

In a recent entry in Health Affairs, the Office of the National Coordinator released some information on the strategy for advancing the exchange of health information over the next years. We start with the obvious: most health information today is not shared electronically, with fax and mail still being the major exchange method. Because of this, health information remains largely in the hands of providers, with little to no info following the patient along their path to care. Continue reading…

CMS backs patients in MU Stage 2 requirements

If you weren’t fortunate enough to attend this year’s HIMSS12 conference (don’t worry…I wasn’t either), you may have missed some important announcements about new requirements and new time lines for Stage 2 Meaningful Use. Published in a proposal on the Federal Register website (you can access it here), these new requirements seem to begin involving the patient as a key contributor to the health care process. Some quick facts of Stage 2:

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7 billion reasons to think about 7 billion

I find it appropriate to cut the red tape on my new blog with something so relevant to every single person on this planet: population.

I found a cool iPad app called 7 billion offered by National Geographic that gives an in-depth look at the recently-achieved population size of 7 billion. And the first page of this application shows a great overview in lay terms on where we were, where we are, and where we are going.
Perhaps an even more interesting and worrisome issue is something that I learned in one of my classes in graduate school. The fathers and mothers of a 13 billion population are alive today. WOWZERS!

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