Did Low Uninsurance Rates Win Obama a Second Term?

Almost 122 million Americans visited the polls on November 6th to cast their votes in arguably one of the most controversial election cycles in decades. After three days of early ballots and a full day of voting, President Barrack Obama was re-elected and offered a second term as President of the United States of America, winning 332 of the 538 Electoral College votes. Voting behavior has been historically (and consistently) associated with values and attitudes related to beliefs, views on race, and even church attendance and reading a newspaper. Yet, in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act (popularly known as Obamacare), the outcome of the 2012 elections weighed heavily on voter’s decision to keep or repeal it. Provisions included in the ACA are designed to increase access to preventive health services, giving access to health insurance to over 50 million uninsured Americans. Continue reading…

StrataRx: Day 2

Day 2 of StrataRx conference is about to get started. More live blogging here. For live stream, go to: http://strataconf.com/rx2012!

StrataRx: Day 1

StrataRx #strataconf starts today! On today’s schedule is an interesting combination of keynotes and break-out sessions focusing on how big data can make a difference in today’s health care system. If you’re interested in big data, health care and Health IT, follow this page as I’ll be live blogging from the event for the next two days!

If you’re interested in live streaming the event, just go here: http://strataconf.com/rx2012 for keynotes!

>>> Day 2 live blogging here: http://bogdanrau.com/blog/stratarx-day-2

How the ACA Affects Your Public Health Career

Is it a penalty or is it a tax? Or is it both? We’ve all heard that question being asked at least once. And if you watch TV for more than 2 hours a day, you’ve probably heard it multiple times. If you’re a patient (and if you haven’t been, you will eventually), this law comes with certain benefits and rights that I covered here (and also covered extensively by the media). If you’re a clinician, the law opens up new opportunities to form Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) that reward doctors when their patients are healthy. However, little has been discussed about the ACAs impact on the public health realm (with no surprise since we only invest $251/person in public health dollars compared to $8,086/person in health care dollars link). So what’s at stake for us public health practitioners? Continue reading…

The Importance of ACA on Public Health

On June 29th, 2012, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) largely upheld the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA, aka Obamacare), deeming it’s individual mandate as constitutional when viewed as a tax. While constitutional, the polarized nature of today’s political and news systems have made this act the “topic of the day” for weeks now. Today’s panel discussion hosted by George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services sought to expand the discussion to understand the public health implications that the Affordable Care Act has on the public health community, for practitioners and consumers alike. Continue reading…