• Multiple functions for in-workflow data intake.
  • TravisCI build testing.
  • Built using httr, stringi, and plyr.
  • API key authentication (using MS Azure).

The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, which runs the California Health Interview Survey (CHIS), developed granular health estimates at zip code and city level, primarily used in the AskCHIS NE application. By using the Center’s deployed API infrastructure for AskCHIS NE, I developed an R package that allows data scientists & data analysts to connect to the NE API, and bring in granular health data directly into the R workflow.

The package uses httr, plyr, and stringi to perform a variety of functions and data frame manipulations, resulting in a cleanly structured and nicely formatted data frame. Users can request estimates by location, or for all locations within a specific geoLevel.

The package is freely available for download here. Use the devtools::install_github() function in R to install it. An API key is required. Contact CHIS at for information on purchasing an API key.

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