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  1. Bogdan

    My position on gun control is somewhat evidenced in a previous post. I fully intend on eventually purchasing a firearm in the future. However, I was very surprised that the US didn’t have a universal background check system. We do need some regulation and changes in the way people purchase guns today. Some solutions I can stand behind:

    1. Implement universal background checks regardless of source of purchase.
    2. Implement re-certification processes to make sure people that have guns should continue possessing them.
    3. Do people really need assault rifles? Probably not…I don’t. But is the issue the TYPE of weapon, or just the fact that unstable people had access to a weapon to begin with.
    4. At least ban extended magazines (which is the most likely scenario to be implemented).
    5. Gun sensors that unlock guns for specific people….great technology and if the price was decent, I’d fully support this!

    I do NOT believe the gaming industry has any specific fault in this…it’s parents who buy violent games for their kids even when they are rated R, parents taking their kids to see R rated movies etc. Talking to the gaming industry about gun violence is like talking to Hot Wheels about traffic accidents….I think this was on Reddit somewhere.

  2. Your reader

    This timeline is great, but what’s YOUR position in the gun control debate? Otherwise, this post is very generic.

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