AboutI tinker with SAS, GIS and web technologies to improve public health

My name is Bogdan Rau. I’m passionate about health and dedicated to improving the status quo. Epidemiologist by training with an innate ability to recognize patterns and see the big picture. My three main guiding principles are: accountability, team work and service. I value people’s efforts and time and am a firm believer in “teamwork makes the dream work.”


I work with teams to create technologies that innovate the public health and healthcare spaces. Current Online Data Dissemination Manager at the California Health Interview Survey (CHIS), pushing to create the best thing to hit public health data dissemination in recent years – AskCHIS Neighborhood Edition. In my spare time, I work with health IT startups to implement Salesforce.com into their internal structures.


Master of Public Health – Epidemiology graduate, well-versed in data analysis, study design, international health, and chronic disease. Techie at heart, with solid knowledge of SAS, SPSS, ArcGIS, and distributed GIServices.


Empowered and engaged in my community, both at the local and national level. Former Disaster Action Team (DAT) intern for the American Red Cross and former Co-Chair of the Action Committee for the American Public Health Association – Student Assembly. I believe in the innate ability of humans to come together and achieve greatness, with or without material compensation.